Life of Ane Kirstine Jensen

By Winnie Thorsted wife of Albert A Thorsted, grandson of Christian Boesen Jensen (Known as a Thorsted, or as Taarsted in Denmark) who was the son of Ane Kirstine.

My sketch of Ane’s life has been obtained from the Salt Lake Geneaological Library, from Church History, from the efforts of Karen Stow and Mrs. Robert Jones, both of Ogden, and from the labors of my son Lloyd at the close of his mission in Denmark.  Also some is taken from the sketches made by Lillian L. Christofferson made of the family and from the Beureau of Vital Statistics in New York.

Ane Kirstine was born the 11th of May in 1824 at Snedsted, Thisted, Denmark.  She was the second daughter of Jens Jensen and Bodil Kirstine Rasmussen.

Her father, Jens Jensen, was born the 17th of Feb. 1793, at Bested, Thisted, Denmark. He was the son of Jens Jensen Boesen and Kjersten Jensen fron Snedsted, Thisted, Denmark.

Her mother, Bodil Kirstine Rasmussen, was born around 1794 at Bested, Thisted, Denmark. Her parents are not known as of now.

Ane’s older sister, Karen Marie, was born the 5th of July 1822, and her younger sister Ane was born the 28th of Mar.1830. All three were born at Snedsted.

When Ane was about 6 years old her younger sister Ane died as a tiny baby. Of Keren Marie I have no further information. On the 31 of Dec. her mother also died. A year or so later her father remarried to a Karen Andersen Jensen and in Feb. 1833, when Ane was not quite 9 years old, her half sister Bodil was born. A great love grew between Ane and Bodil and her five half brothers who eventually came into her life.

At the age of 19 she met Jens Taarsted, a widower. She married him on the 26th day of December in 1843 at Snedsted, Thisted, Denmark. Jens’ first wife’s name was Karen Gouldager Petersdatter, who died the 19th of Sept. 1842.

Ane’s life was a very busy one. She became the mother of 12 children, 5 girls and 7 boys; the last one being named Ducine which means dozen in Danish.

In the spring of 1858, on the 14th and 16th of March, sorrow came into her life for two of her children, Ane Catherine and Peter died,, Ane Catherine being 5 yrs old and Peter 3 yrs.

In the spring of 1861, three yrs later, and a little over a month before her 10th child was born Mormon Elders came to her home. She listened to their message and was given a testimony of it’s truthfulness and on the 16th of April 1861 Ane was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at Snedsted, Thisted, Denmark by P. C. Steffensen and confirmed the 17th of April 1861 by P.C. Steffensen.

One month and 5 days later Ane Catherine, the 10th child, was born. One can imagine the joy and happiness that must have filled her soul at this time. Two yrs later an 11th child, Lauritz Stephanus was added to their family, and 3 yrs later, their 12th child, Ducine was born.

In 1864, Jens, known as James, her 3rd child, a young man nearly 20 years of age also joined the church. He was baptized a member on the 20th day of Nov. 1867. H. Jorgensen confirmed him a member on the 21st of Nov. 1867. J. H. Christiansen baptized him. This was done in the L.D.S. church in Aalborg. This must have brought great joy to Ane.

(Some say Jens, her husband, was baptized but I haven’t found any record of it and cannot see why, if he was, why all the children old enough weren’t baptized and why James had to wait until he was 19 to be baptized.)

In 1862 Ane’s step-mother and half sister Bodil and half brother Peter left for Utah, settling in Ogden, Utah. From then on the desire must have grown within her to also come to Utah for about 4 years later Ane and her husband Jens made plans to come to Zion and in 1868, after saving and raising 1,000 dollars for passage (verified in passage records) they made arrangements to emmigrate to America.

Record of a boat passage shows Jens and Ane and 9 children left Denmark headed to Liverpool where they were to board their ship. With the exception of the oldest daughter Karen Maria and the two children who had died in Denmark, this accounts for the family of twelve. Karen Maria had married Niels Andersen, who was serving in the Danish army in the Shlasing-Holstein War between Denmark and Prussia. They came over later with 2 children.

When Ane and her family arrived at Liverpool her husband refused to go any further.  (Family tradition says that he was so upset with the boat they had booked passage on and that it wasn’t what he expected). This again comfirms my opinion that he wasn’t baptized into the church or converted to the gospel. He probably loved his wife and children very much to have gone this far). I can see him pleading with his wife and children to reconsider. Ane, though, must have been quite a determined and possibly domineering person and with her testimony of the gospel she stood her ground. Jens refused to cross the ocean in steerage (lower class) and he probably begged and pleaded with his family to get off the boat and return with him to Denmark. Ane was just as determined to sail for America as Jens was to return home,and so they parted. Records show that he was refunded $132.00 “passenger refund.”

The name of the vessel they sailed on was (Emerald Island). It was the last sailboat used for this purpose. Because of the tragic happenings on this voyage investigation and history was made of it. 37 passengers died on the boat. 627 sailed. It is recorded on the New York shipping record, FAM-62pt306#23990 record no. 867.

In departure on 11 Jun, 1868 they sailed and arrived in New York on the 14th of Aug. 1868 practically 2 whole months on the water. (2 months, 2 days).

The Jensen (Thorsted) family was listed as such:

Ane Kirstine Jensen Thorsted—Jens Thorsted (struck out)

–refund $132.00

Peder Jensen—age 21 yrs

Jens Boesen Jensen—age 20 yrs

Bodil Kristine Jensen—age 18 yrs

Christian Boesen Jensen—age 16 yrs

Otto Jensen—age 7 yrs

Peter Jensen—age 6 yrs

Ane Katherine Jensen—age 4 yrs

Lauritz Jensen—age 2 1/2 yrs

Ducine Jensen—age 1 yr

Can you imagine yourself doing this? A child one year another 2 1/2, the next 4 and so on. What a magnificent, faithful and determined woman she must have been. And what a testimony she must have had.

What some days they must have been! Record states that the distiller machine broke down and bad water resulted. Typhoid Fever broke out, others had diaarea and as if that weren’t bad enough the sailors gave them a bad time.

Ane, and several of her children became very ill, and when they reached New York City officials met them and Ane and 3 of her younger children wew quarantined at Ward’s Isle Hospital. Desperate, Ane insisted that Peter  21, Bodil Kristine 18, Christian 16, and Otto 7, go on to Utah to her stepmother and half sister Bodil and half brother Peter. They left and arrived safely in Utah in the fall of 1868. They were met at Salt Lake and taken to Ogden where they stayed until they could establish them selves.

Back at the hospital young Jens, called James, 20 yrs. was left to take care of the rest of the family. Here 1 sister, 2 brothers, and his mother died.

At Ward’s Isle Hospital, 12th ward it is recorded:

Arrived at hospital 14th day of August:

On 21st day of Aug.. Peter Jensen died (Typhoid) and was buried

On the 29th day of Aug. Lautitz Jensen died (Diaarea) and was buried

On the 7th day of Sept. Ane Kirstine died (Typhoid) and was buried

On 17th day of September, Ane Katherine died and was buried (Typhoid)

All were burried in the New York Cemetary on same day as death.

Oh!, the responsibilies that were placed upon James! After seeing it through he left the big city with a heavy heart but with little 2 yr old Ducine on his lap, starting out for Utah, for Salt Lake City. On the way, I know not when little Ducine became very ill. He held her in his arms all the way to Utah. When she died I do not know but when they got to Salt Lake City they took her and buried her in the church cemetery in  Salt Lake. They were met by realtives from Ogden and James, who by this time was ill was taken to Ogden and in 4 days less than a month later he too died 20 Nov.1868. He was burried in the Ogden City Cemetery on the Boesen burial lot.

All this proved to be too much for the family left. They turned bitter against the church, blaming them and the missionaries for all that had happened. Could you blame them? I’m sure poor Ane’s heart ached seeing what was happening.

Only 2 of Christian’s children are members of the Church. Bitterness is fading and more of her descendants are becoming members, some very active with missionaries, descendants of Ane out teaching the gospel.

The father, Jens, returned to Denmark, not the the town from which he came, but a small town nearby, called Baersted, in the same County of Thisted. Here, about 2 yrs later, he died, the 10th day of Aug.1870. He was burried by the community as a single man, the 14 day of Aug.1870.

It appears that his too was not a happy lot and he could very easily have died of a broken heart.

Peter, Kristine, Christian, and Otto were left.

Peter married Johanna Boyer and had one son.

Kristine married U. S. Pair and had one daughter.

Otto married and had five children, md. Fudite Jensen Boyer (Annie).

Christian md. Ann Humphries and had 12 children (same as his mother)

By now this great woman, Ane Kirstine has many great-grandchildren, great great gr. children & so on, my husband being one.  He is proud and grateful for the life of Ane Kirstine and the heritage she has given him.

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    I have a copy of this story hand written and haven’t yet done the research to see which of the children I am from. When I first read the copy of this story I had no idea that I had any family that were members of the church thinking I might be the only one as I joined the church on my own when I was 16 thanks to friends I played football with inviting me to church with them one day. That invitation lead to not only my joining the church, but my meeting my wife also when I was 16 and now my 9 year old daughter baptized last year, my 6 year old son waiting to be baptized, and now a almost 4 month old daughter who was blessed a few months ago.

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