Correspondence – F. C. Anderson

Anderson, F. C., “Correspondence,” Deseret Evening News, 19 Oct. 1868, 2.

Full Text:

Editor Deseret News.-The following is a list of persons now en route for Salt Lake City.

Samuel, Ann [Whitehead], Eliza [Rebecca], Mary Ann, Alice [Naomi], Lydia and Sarah [Mellinda] Wilkie; Ann, Ann, Mary and Hyrum Bird; William C. and Rhoda Price; William and Harriet Startup; Johanna Shair; German and Wilchlmine [Wilhelmine] Rasmussen; Peder, Bodil and Jens Hansen; Johan P. [Peter], Anna [Ane E.], and Kail M. [Karen Marie] Nebel; Sidse M., Ingar, Hans and Lars Rasmussen; Emilurs Ludvigsen; Neils [Adolph] Tolbo; Christopher, Nicholine [Marie] and Anna Sander; Neils C [Christian], Johanna [Johanne], Christen and Neilsen Jensen; Bergetta Christensen; John Carlson; Jens B. [Boesen] and Dorsina Thorsted; Pernilla Cramer; Pernilla Swendsen; Karen and Jens Anderson; Anna C. Anderson; Karen, Soren and Jens N. Johansen; Ellen Neilsen; Dorthea Olsen; Anna S [Anne Sophie] Olsen; Baren Jensen; Margaret Jensen; Metta S. Sorensen; Caroline Anderson; Maria and Carl Widerborg; Hanna Neilsen; G. [George] F. Gibbs, from the Liverpool Office; and Joseph H. Leo, returning missionary.
We left New York, on Saturday 7-30. P.M. and arrived at this place the morning following.
The greater portion of our little company, having been detained at New York on account of sickness, have much improved, but yet, more or less suffer from weakness. Through careful attendance and our united faith, we trust all will be sufficiently strengthened by the Lord to reach our friends and destined home.

Yours respectfully,


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