June 16, 1868

On this Day, June 16, 1868, The steamship Hansia (SS Hansa) arrived in Hull, England which is on the east coast of England. From there, the same day, the Saints boarded a train and travelled to Liverpool where they stayed in hotels for the next few nights while they waited for the ship Emerald Isle to be fitted with more beds. The Saints stayed in Liverpool until the 19th at which time they boarded the sailing ship for the next leg of their journey.

The Thorsted family up until this point had very few problems with the journey, but the sacrifices and decisions made from this point forward changed the course of the family forever.

History of the Scandinavian Mission“On Tuesday, June 16th, the company arrived in Hull, England, and in the evening of the same day they went by train to Liverpool. Here they found accommodations in seven different hotels where they, with the exception of one place, received anything but a decent treatment…”

Excerpt from Hans Jensen Hals

17th I went about to see where all the Saints were. They were in 7 hotels. In some places they were hungry and others were well pleased. I complained for those in need and it helped. I went and found a large sailship and talked with the captain about luggage.

18th Helped the brethren to exchange money and made purchases for the trip over the ocean. I married a couple in the evening. I had much to do. I received a number of letters from Denmark. Transported their clothes to the ship, from the railroad.

Excerpt from Hans Jorganson

On the 16th, 2 ½ o’clock in the afternoon we landed in Hull, England and started off by rail same afternoon and arrived in Liverpool 1 ½ o’clock in the night.  Next day we were all quartered at Hotel Columbia owned by David Full, a Jew.

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