August 17, 1868

On this day August 17, 1868 part of the Thorsted family start their rail journey to Wyoming. The immigrants we send in groups on the train between August 15th & 17th. The oldest Peter, Bodil, Christian and Otto leave New York with the main group of Mormon Saints. They first head to Niagara Falls, then Detroit, Michigan, on to Chicago, then Council Bluffs. Their final stop along the railroad was Benton, Wyoming.

Hans Jorgenson

On the 15th 10 o’clock in the evening, we left New York per rail via Albany & Niagara. The train stopped there and we had a splendid view of the great waterfall and I walked over the great suspension bridge on the 17th.

As most of the Saints leave New York, around 60 stayed behind at the Ward’s Island Hospital. A man by the name of F. C. Anderson stayed behind to lead the sick to Utah once they recovered from their sickness. Jens & Dusine Thorsted stay in the hospital with the mother Ane, young Peter, Ane Catherine and Lauritz.

Brigham Young has now heard of the terrible journey and inquired about them in a letter to his agent in New York.

August 11, 1868August 20, 1868

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