October 13, 1868

On this day October 13, 1868, the group delayed during quarantine in New York reach the terminus of the railroad at Green River, Wyoming. Green River was much closer to Utah than Benton but was still over 150 miles away from their destination. Jens and Dusine would have walked along side a wagon for the remainder of the journey.


In what would take us less than 3 hours today, it took over 10 days for this wagon train to reach Salt Lake City. The leader F.C. Anderson sent a telegram on October 18, saying they were at Ham’s fork, which is next to modern day Granger.

From Ham’s Fork the small group continued on passed Fort Bridger, and on into Utah through Echo Canyon. They camped in Echo Canyon near Grass Creek on the 22nd, two days before they reached the Valley.

I recently stopped by the Echo Canyon visitors center and climbed to the top of a small hill to get a nice view of the area. You can experience that view by clicking below. The road up next to the canyon by the railroad tracks is the path the pioneers took through the canyon.

October 3, 1868October 24, 1868

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