October 24, 1868

On this day October 24, 1868 at 11:00am the final group from the Emerald Isle arrives in Salt Lake City, Utah. This marks the end of a long journey for the Thorsted Family.

According to family tradition, the story of Jens and Dusine is a story of tragedy. Salt Lake City cemetery records show Dusine died this day and was buried in a potters field. This was a common practice to bury the dead quickly as to not spread disease. See Our Great Danes by Louise Salmon.

The newspaper mentions her death as passing away during the trip. Titled “Last Immigrant Train” the article is accurate as there were no more immigrants who came by wagon train, as the railroad was finished the next spring.

Five died on the road from Chicago to this place. Their names are as follows: Margaret Jensen, aged 16 years; Lars Johansen, aged 10 years; Karen Jensen, aged 16 years; Sophia Sorenson, aged 17 years; and Dorsina Phorsted, aged 2 years.

Family tradition states that Dusine died a day or so before they got to Salt Lake City and Jens, not wanting to bury her on the trail, carried her in a blanket the rest of the way. This story is verified through the newspaper article stating she died coming into the city, but the Salt Lake City cemetery records document the 24th as her death date.

Jens joined his family in Ogden this day, but even for him it was too much. His body and spirit so weak from the journey, he passed away shortly after arrival. His headstone at the Ogden City Cemetery claims he died on the 22nd of October, but we know he was alive on the 24th for his arrival into the valley. This must have been hard on the remaining family to wait for their arrival only to have Jens and Dusine pass away. A tragic end to a long journey.



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